Turning Glass Bottles into Sand

Julie Reindl
April 1st 2017

New Zealand is famous for its old nature: mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes and a lot of national parks to be protected. Newzealanders also do love beer, but obviously not the trash that is left behind after evening drinks at the beach. For that reason the New Zealand brewery DB Breweries designed a device that immediately turn empty glass bottles into sand!

Yes sand! Handy right? At the same time it recycles the bottles and counteracts the global shortage of sand. Two-thirds of beaches on the planet are lacking the natural source. You would think that there is way to much sand on our planet, as deserts are constantly growing. The problem with desert sand is that it is to small and round to be used for constructions and this is the sector that uses most of the needed resource.

In the case of New Zealand, the sand obtained with the bottle-to-sand device goes to leading producers of concrete and to big construction companies around the world, to be used to build houses, roads, cycle paths and a lot more. With the supply of these construction companies, the dredging of sand from beaches should be by passed. Dredging beaches is the main reason for the sand shortage. Sand clock is ticking so lets hope the rest of the world will soon also be able to recycle their used beer bottles!

Source: Mashable. Image: Inspiration Room

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Charissa C Currie
Posted 03/10/2017 – 01:08

we need these all over or people need to stop using glass it is no longer being recycled by many of the curb side pick ups sad I like glass better than plastic for food but looking at bigger picture and our carbon footprint and for me thinking I have to stop using it don't know what else to do. So frustrating here in America we are so ignorant when it comes to caring for our planet

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