Pyramid of Technology at WDCD 2017
May 17th 2017

Every human being has to cope with technological change, yet few of us are aware of how new technologies are introduced, accepted and discarded in our society. The Pyramid of Technology visualizes how technology becomes nature in seven steps and what we can learn from that. It helps us to dream, build and live in our next nature - the nature caused by humans. Join us tomorrow for the launch of the project at What Design Can Do in Amsterdam, to explore our life through the lens of the Pyramid of Technology.

During the festival we will hold a workshop using a physical Pyramid of Technology as conceptual tool. The content of the workshop is built around the next nature concept and related themes, such as Next Senses or The Artificial Womb. At What Design Can Do we will explore the issue of climate change. As a participant of this workshop, you will actively engage in the Pyramid of Technology and build a collaborative installation around the physical pyramid. You will leave this session with a brand new model to apply in your daily practice, as well as a set of innovative thoughts to reflect on. Prepare to get hands-on.

Are you looking for a stimulating way to explore technology, facilitate brainstorming and catalyze innovative processes? NNN organizes workshops using the Pyramid of Technology methodology, this workshop is centered around our newly developed toolkit, as well as a physical model of the pyramid. The content of these workshops is built around the next nature concept and related themes, but can as well be tailored to specific needs. Rather organize your own session? Pre-order the toolkit from our web shop.

Info and tickets: What Design Can Do

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