Dubai Employs First Robotic Police Officer

Julie Reindl
June 3rd 2017

Dressed in its green uniform and proudly wearing a police hat, the first robotic officer will soon hit the streets of Dubai. It will patrol 24/7 city malls and tourist attractions, citizens will be able to use its buil-in touchscreen pad to report crimes, pay fines or just ask any question you would ask to a human police officer.

The robotic policeman will not be alone for long, as the government of Dubai is planning to have 25% of the police force to be robotic by 2030 (this does not mean the robot officers will replace their colleagues). Beside performing a perfect salut, "RoboCop" will not be able to actually defend people in an actual crime situation. Consider it more of a rolling information desk to ease the communication with the police department. And yes, it records your activity on the streets, watching over you whether you like it or not.

Source: BBC

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