Animal Free Cow Milk

Elle Zhan Wei
July 17th 2017

After lab-grown meat, dairy products are the next big area we want to reinvent. Perfect Day is animal free cow milk, made to be more nutritious, safe and sustainable than factory-farmed dairy. And it tastes just like real milk.

Perfect Day is a San Francisco-based food research start-up founded in 2014 by two cheese-lovers, who instead of giving up dairy due to the problematic industry, they decided to create the animal free dairy products, believing there must be a better way. They assembled a team of chefs, nutritionists, scientists, designers to realize their idea. They discovered a way to "brew" milk, similar to the process of brewing beer.

The same texture and taste of milk is achieved by using the age-old fermentation methods, with real milk proteins, lactose-free sugar, healthy plant fats, vitamins and minerals, that make it more nutritious than traditional milk. This milk has zero hormones, antibiotics, steroid or lactose inside. Its creators also claim it has a longer shelf-life.

The company plans to bring their first product, probably cheese, to market later this year. According to Perfect Day’s website, when compared to conventional milk production, their process uses 65% less energy, generates 84% less greenhouse gas emissions and requires 91% less land and 98% less water. Another step towards food sustainability.

Source: Perfect Day Foods. Image: FODMAP Monash

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