Kangaroos Confuse Self-Driving Cars

Julie Reindl
July 31st 2017

Seems like Volvo's self-driving car will have to go back to car school in order to learn how to detect kangaroos. The Swedish car producer tested its autonomous vehicle in Australia to find out that the car has problems recognizing the jumping marsupials.

The self-driving car gets confused by kangaroos' special way of moving. Volvo’s technicians explained that the troubles had arisen because the object detection systems of the autonomous car uses the ground as a reference point. So the kangaroo hops make it difficult for the care to judge how close the animal is.

At the moment, nine out of ten car accidents caused by an animal involve kangaroos. Volvo has an ambitious target that no hopping kangaroo is killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020, and in the best case also jumping humans.

Source: TheVerge. Image: Ankeschimmer

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