The Future of Firefighting

Siebren de Vos
October 26th 2017

We have been taking advantage of fire for more than 100.000 years, it has been helping us in so many different ways. But the benefits of this power come with a cost. There is evidence of fire-fighting machinery in use already in Ancient Egypt, since that time we invented numerous tools for fire prevention and control. This high tech firefighting helmet is one of those tools.

The helmet, designed by American company Scott Safety, has an embedded thermal imaging camera that allows firefighters to see through thick smoke without putting the hose down. This function gives them a big advantage in critical situations.

Recently, Scott Safety also released an app connected to the helmet. Firefighters can use it to personalize their way of seeing the world through the camera, adjusting brightness, layout and temperature display. Can you imagine your life being saved by one of these high tech heroes?

Source: Emergency Service Times


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