‘Forcie’ is a selfie that you don’t voluntarily take part in

January 9th 2019

There are many reasons why somebody doesn’t want to take a photo at a certain place in a certain moment or with a certain people and put it online. The reason might be anything from a bad hair day to privacy concerns (yes, there are those who still care about it). But when somebody is a selfie enthusiast no excuse is good enough.

Probably no one is concerned about the photo itself. Taking a photo is one thing, but posting it publicly is a completely other. And that is what causes the discomfort mainly. The discomfort can also be caused by the awkward pose that selfie taker asks you to make. Some people just don’t feel comfortable making duck faces.

From the Dictionary of Online Behavior; a project by NNN members TeYosh. Over the next few weeks, we will weekly publish a new word that describes behavior that has emerged on social networks and has changed our way of communication.

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