Q: Could a technology establish new routines?

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
August 4th 2019

This question is an excerpt from the Pyramid of Technology toolkit

Imagine asking your grandparents if they ‘have googled anything lately?’ Chances are they actually did, depending on their age and digital capabilities. But chances are much higher that this new phrase entered their lives at some point.

New technology, new routine

Some technologies are so intricate that they introduce a new language. For examply by giving new meanings to existing words such as like or friend. And what about branded neologisms such as googling and xeroxing, or the shortcuts that synthesize communication through emoji. Because ask yourself, and be honest, are you sending smileys with a smile on your face?

The following steps will help you formulate a vision for how your technology could establish a routine.

Do it yourself!

  • Compile a list of your daily routines that involve technology at some point.
  • Rethink how new technologies could change daily activities, such as sleeping, eating or commuting.
  • Challenge yourself to think of new routines that might not even exist yet, but that could be established through a new technology.
  • Compile a list of new, non-existing terms (neologisms) around this technology.
  • Share your findings below!

Your next (nature) design tool

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What new neologisms did you come up with?


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