This exhibition looks at how robots are changing the world we live in
November 7th 2019

Delve into the science and fiction of robots at V&A Dundee’s latest exhibition: Hello, Robot. Contemplate the existence of robots and how they have both shaped, and been shaped by technology, culture and design. See for yourself how the boundaries between human and machine have become increasingly blurred; understand how we got here, and take note of the increasing power of designers to influence the future of such technologies.

Hello, Robot has over 200 objects on display, and takes visitors through four stages of robot influence and evolution. Throughout, the exhibition poses provocative questions, and will require you to consider the past, present and future of robotics like never before. Reflection of this kind may prove essential in answering the question, how will robots exist in our next nature?

What? An exploration of robots in a human world
Where? V&A Dundee, Scotland (UK)
When? Now, until 09 February 2020

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