This expo confronts a planet in a state of emergency
December 12th 2019

Meet the 'Eco-Visionaries', these are the architects, artists and designers who respond to some of the most urgent ecological issues of our times.

This exhibition reveals how artists, architects and designers are responding to some of the planet’s most urgent issues - from land degradation, to food security and the extinction of endangered species. Each response aims to re-frame our relationship with nature to communicate a new urgency. We need confront environmental issues, now.

A variety of works, ranging from installations, film, photography and architectural models will command the space, and makers such as Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Unknown Fields and Dunne and Raby will exhibit their work. Each component of the exhibition serves as a huge wake-up call, demanding us to be aware of our planet and how our actions are creating a rapidly changing world

What? An exhibition confronting the planet in a state of emergency
Where? Royal Academy of Arts, London
When? Now, until February 23, 2020

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