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February 1st 2020

Are you a recent graduate or young maker who feels your work deserves a spotlight? Does your project seek to understand how technology becomes so omnipresent, complex, intimate and autonomous – a nature of its own?

You are the Next Generation, and we are looking for you!

Next Nature will be launching an open platform to showcase your work and stimulate discussion. We are welcoming submissions that can enrich and challenge current ways of thinking about our future with technology.

The showcase allows any kind of creators to upload your work for possible publication. All submissions are reviewed. Creative responses are never static; they are constantly shifting, merging and adapting as we venture into the unknown. We want to make sure that you, as the Next Generation, are at the forefront.

We are calling for all boundary-crossing creative interventions, disruptions and diversions to get the recognition they deserve.

So be bold, get in touch and plot your coordinates as we navigate the future together.

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Ráchel Plutón
Posted 25/04/2020 – 21:50


I'm a visual artist from Hungary and I'd like to submit my interactive sculpture series Safe Place 722:

My artistic practice explores how digital and analogue tools can be merged to create new forms of self-expression. This dichotomy is an essential part of my art itself– my work is simultaneously analytical and expressive, merging observation with contemplation through mixed media. I am especially interested in the relationship between nature and human consciousness. My goal is to make art as accessible as possible. I work towards this by creating digital experiences that anyone can enter, for free, from any location at any time.

My piece Safe Place 722 is a series of interactive digital sculptures that can be accessed from my website. I sculpted the pieces digitally, and textured them with mixed media collages where I merged my watercolour paintings and documentary photography pieces to depict scenes that exist within me on an emotional level. I am intrigued by organic forms such as plants, animals, and the human body, and aim to unite these with my consciousness by depicting visuals seen in dreams or produced by my imagination. The resulting work is a reflection of the lived experience we all share– deeply personal, and, at the same time, universal.

Thanks for your consideration! Stay safe!

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