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Nellie Friedrich

We have identified eight key defining moments that tell the story of geodesign, from ancient insight to artificial intelligence.

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Blocking the sun with dust

Vanessa Bates Ramirez

In the past few years, scientists have hatched some pretty crazy-sounding schemes in the name of protecting Earth and its inhabitants. From building an …

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Notes on the plastisphere

Shahar Livne

Every piece of plastic that’s ever made, still exists. It results in a floating garbage dump in the ocean, full of life. While this (geo)design was never …


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Max Liboiron: "Pollution is Colonialism"


We now live in a world where plastics are becoming a part of our marine ecosystems. As a result, we strive hard to clean the plastics from our oceans. Dr. Max …

Next Generation

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Next Generation: Exploring cybernetic ecologies with Marie Walker-Smith

Liam Bekaert

This story is part of  Next Generation , a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Your work here?  Get in touch …

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New Evoluon

Good day astronauts of spaceship Earth. This is the pre-boarding announcement for Evoluon, their training facility to encourage humanity to work together as a harmonious crew — for the future generations to come.

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