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"A forest is a society of trees that communicate and help one another"

Tracy Metz

In conversation with Canadian researcher Suzanne Simard, inventor of the Wood Wide Web.


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A new mythology of technology

Ruben Baart

In conversation with architect Julia Watson, a leading expert on Indigenous technologies and author of 'Lo-TEK, Design by Radical Indigenism'.

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Next Generation

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Next Generation: Shaping intimacy through objects with Pleun van Dijk

Eloïse Peredruk

Pleun van Dijk is a speculative artist/designer who investigates the intimate relationship between human and technology.

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Next Nature Magazine

Virtual influencers, living architecture and microbial fashion; our next nature is already here. It will always surprise, amaze and challenge us. It will never stop—and that’s a wonderful thing. Next Nature Magazine is the ultimate lifestyle guide that explores the changing relationship between people, nature and technology.

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