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Cooling buildings with ultra-white paint

Andrew Parnell

From icy tundras to billowing clouds, the colour white crops up repeatedly in our planet’s palette. This colour provides a natural way for light from the sun …

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Meet the lungs of the sea: phytoplankton

Abigail McQuatters-Gollop

Phytoplankton are microscopic algae living throughout the ocean’s surface waters. They can’t swim and are at the mercy of the currents and tides. Despite their …

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How to turn your 3D printer into a food printer

Saumil Vadodaria

While the pandemic has restricted us from doing many activities we like, household hobbies such as DIY , baking and crafts have become more popular. Now …

Visual of New Evoluon

New Evoluon

Good day astronauts of spaceship Earth. This is the pre-boarding announcement for Evoluon, their training facility to encourage humanity to work together as a harmonious crew — for the future generations to come.

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