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Coming up at the Evoluon: SPACEFARMING

The number of people on Earth is growing fast: there will be nearly 10 billion of us by 2050. More food will be needed than we can produce today. Where will this food come from? And how will it be made? A burger made from cultured meat, milk from a robotic cow, or potatoes from space. It may sound far away, but farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and designers are already developing new foods and innovative ways to turn this into reality.

The exhibition 'Spacefarming: the future of food' opens 24 September at the Evoluon.

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Currently on view: RETROFUTURE

For us humans its natural to think about the future. We make plans, have dreams, and tell each other stories about the things to come. From prehistoric cavemen to inventors of flying machines to humans who turn themselves into cyborgs; each driven by curiosity and ideals, they have developed a vision for the world of tomorrow. The largescale exhibition RetroFuture celebrates these visions and takes you on a journey to the future of yesterday.

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