Our editors are constantly roaming the planet and its mediasphere in search for stories, projects and observations that help us understand the implications of the up-and-coming next nature on our everyday lives. We welcome your next nature observations, links and stories for editorial consideration. Occasionally we also publish originally written essays.


1. Tell us why we or our readers should care
Tell us why the link is important or peculiar for next nature explorers. Adding a short description we can copy/paste along with the link increases the chances of your link being posted. Please don’t suggest “naked” links without a description.

2. Make sure there is an image
We are a highly visual blog and consider text as an addition to the image, rather than the other way around. Yes, it does increase the chances of being featured when you include a good visual with your story. Images we use are at least 640 pixels wide.

3. Describe your tip from a next nature perspective
Consider how your observation adds to the understanding of next nature. Our concept of ‘nature’ is somewhat different than the established view, so please be concise when you use the N word.

4. If possible, mention ‘related posts’ that are already on our website
This provides us with a context in which the link should be considered, which is handy not only for us, but also for our readers.


1. Avoid sending immature projects created by yourself or ‘friends’
If you are inspired by next nature thinking and are actively creating work in response to it: Great, we like that. However, please understand that we cannot feature your work on the site if it hasn’t matured. In general we advise you to finish your work before you start promoting it. That is better for everyone.

2. Fact check your story: avoid utterly sci-fi scenarios
A story about a boy that invented a new solar panel made from a human hair isn’t very likely to be featured. We consider a science faction, rather than a science fiction blog. Adding trustworthy references increases the chances of your story being featured.

3. We do not publish press releases
Don’t waste your time. Email press releases without a linkable URL are trashed immediately. Only hand-crafted submissions from real humans get our attention.


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