Next Nature expos make future scenarios tangible by presenting debate–provoking scenarios to your audience. Our goal is to spur debate and collectively investigate our future. We do this through playful exhibitions that reflect on technological developments and offer inspiration to your visitors. Our trained staff members complete the expo by guiding your audience in an elaborate way. Excited? Contact us!

Our promise to you

Our expos offer engaging experiences around thought-provoking ideas for both experts and a broad general audience. Guides interact with the public and invite them into the technology debate, leaving them with a fresh perspective of complex topics such as the future of food (Bistro In Vitro, Future Food Formula), the future of work (HUBOT), the future of living (Next Nature Habitat) and the impact of nanotechnology on our daily lives (NANO Supermarket).

When to book us?

– You are organizing an event and you are looking for
high quality content around the theme of nature and technology
– You want to inspire your audience with glimmering projects,
thought provoking concepts and stunning visuals
– You are looking to join the debate on our future –
in which nature and technology are fusing


HUBOT explores the future of work. Our goal is to inspire everybody, from all different levels of education, from young to old, including those who are currently excluded from the labor market. Are you ready for a challenging job?


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Meat the Future

The Meat the Future exhibition explores the potential impact of lab-grown meat on our culinary culture. Set up as a restaurant of the future, the expo serves 30 exquisite dishes cooked to the highest standards using a revolutionary new ingredient: in vitro meat.


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Bistro In Vitro: Ice Cream Cart

The Bistro In Vitro mobile ice cream cart gives you the chance to taste one recipe from our In Vitro Meat Cookbook. You can choose among six flavors: meat fruit, polar bear, bacon, ice queen, dragon and chocopanda. Do you expect to eat lab grown meat in the future? Start with some ice cream!


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ECO coin

Cutting a tree drown makes money, but planting one does not? Money is a technology that needs an update, and you can be part of that. The ECO coin is an alternative currency that rewards people for their sustainable actions. Engage your community with an interactive experience working towards a desirable future for humanity and the planet as a whole.


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Next Nature Habitat

Polar bears live in the arctic and scorpions live in the desert, but where do humans live? The Next Nature Habitat VR experience confronts you with four future scenarios where humans might live someday. Step inside to discover these four scenarios and join the debate on how we should live, as we have only one planet (yet).


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Future Food Formula

The Future Food Formula is an interactive installation that invites your audience to step into the shoes of a high-tech farmer, and allows them to design their personalized future vegetables. By adjusting the ‘growth recipes’ on the computer interface, the visitors playfully experience how their input effects the size, color, taste and nutritional value of their crop.


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NANO Supermarket

The NANO Supermarket is an exhibition disguised as a supermarket. It features speculative nanotech products that may hit the shelves within the next ten years. The products are made by artists and designers, not to predict the future but to help us decide which future we want. This mobile expo is available in two different formats: a NANO Supermarket bus and an indoor exhibition which is adaptable to different spaces.


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Data Fountain

Is it a fountain? Yes, certainly. But there is more. Our Data Fountain is not only a source of relaxation – it’s a source of information too! The installation consists of three water streams that depict the quickly changing and often stress inducing course data of three crypto coins: Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple.


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