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We’d like to take you on a journey that will radically alter your perspective on nature. Will we grow meat without slaughtering animals? Embrace the robot as a colleague? Earn ECO coins for sustainable actions?

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Why we are here

In a landscape of conservative nature lovers we are the progressive people that look at nature in a new way. As technology transforms nature into a next nature that may be wild and unpredictable as ever, we aim to go forward–not back–to nature. Our goal is to ensure a liveable existence for the people who come after us by charting a path for the future that’s desirable for humanity and for the planet as a whole.

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Next Nature is a global network of open, curious, optimistic people from various disciplines that collaboratively explore how to dream, build and live in the next nature. Through research, publications, talks and expo’s we explore a future in which biology and technology are fusing. Your support gives us a voice, helps realize more projects and inspire more people.

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