Animal Nextnature! Using an animal as part of your lego creation. A 'behaviour block' can track the behaviour of the animal inside. This behavior is the nused to drive the Lego creation. This way the creation gets alive, and the animal can get enhance possibilities: a mouse can scare the cat away!

This augmented animal project was created by Joris van Gelder, Bas Groenendaal, Philip Mendels and Ivo Vos.

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  • Your 'next nature' resembles my grandson ornamism an development in the art of representing Nature.

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  • FWIW the animal that is traditionally 'the prey' doesn't always know it's 'safe'. (For that matter I wouldn't leave my pet mouse in this thing unattended w/ a curious/hungry cat unattended. Is it REALLY safe?) I have heard of scenarios like this where the prey animal dropped dead of a heart attack upon seeing its nemesis so close and being unable to get away. Neat tho.

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  • I think this animal idea is very interesting. Where can i buy one of those? I saw an awesome LEGO piece at earlier on to do with 3d printing. Lego has so many great purposes.

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  • The way animals think is pretty interesting. Animals puff themselves up in all kinds of ways in order to appear bigger and more threatening to each other. If you're wearing a big backpack on a trail and horseriders are approaching, the best thing to do is remove the backpack and wait for them to go by. With the backpack on, you aren't just a person wearing a backpack to a horse, you are a larger, threatening, unknown entity, and it can spook them good. I once saw a man on a nature documentary open an umbrella in a bear's face as he was being charged by the bear. The bear saw it as the man getting "puffed up" and getting suddenly much bigger and more threatening. The bear turned tail and ran away so fast it was actually funny.

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