This is one of the weirdest things I ever saw... It's a commercial for a construction company. The text goes a little bit like this:

Anabukikonten is "Anabuki Construction Co." and their mascot seems to be

Anabukinchan! (chan means little girl) During this time the narrator says, "This is Anabuki Construction Company's Campaign Girl, Anabukin-chan! She tries to be good just like any good girl, this Anabukin-chan!"

During this time the narrator is saying "What's this? It seems that the animals of the forest are coming to join her! Everyone is in good spirits!"

Then the narrator shouts "Sei no!" which means a song is coming up!

Everyone: Anabukin-chan! Anabukinchan, [go for it]!

Anabukin-chan: Hai! Okay!

Yume ga fukuramu Expanding dreams,

Sa-basumashon Service mansion!

Kitai ga fukuramu Expanding hopes,

Sa-basumashon Service mansion!

Mune no fukuramu Expanding chests,

Fukuramu fukuramu Expanding, expanding,

Wow! Wow!

Sa-basumashon! Service mansion!

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  • Nice to look at the way commercials use nature.. Still haven't figured out the animal with the huge balls though.

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