NEC corporation is developping a "Childcare Robot PaPeRo" capable to play with and watch over children. The Childcare Robot is capable of recognizing and verbally communicating with people, sending images by mobile phone to persons far away, as well as playing games and singing along with others. With it, NEC is looking for new relationships and possibilities as a part of children's groups at daycare centers, kindergartens and elementary schools.

"The aim of our research at NEC is not just to further robot technology, but to examine and develop better human-machine interface through the concept of living with robots", said Yoshihiro Fujita, Project Manager, NEC Incubation Center.

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  • Tom

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  • Good Day I would like to know more about the Child Care Robot, and where I can buy it for personal use Kind regards Nabeel

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  • A great wild idea - but a child needs more human skills. When they fall or get sick, those children who cannot feed themselves. PaPeRo would be wonderful as a supplementary nanny but will never replace the primary nanny.

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