The E-volver is an 'image breeding machine', which takes inspiration from the methods of evolutionary biology to produce colourful,ever-changing images. The software generates artificial pixel organisms made up of thirteen genes that together determine how the organism will behave on the monitor. The unusual collaboration between an "image-breeding-machine" and a human "gardener" results in intriging and coherent images.

E-volver will be exhibited at the Natural Habitat expo which opens this weekend during the Amsterdam Museumnacht.

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  • Install Flip4Mac... It's a Quicktime plugin that plays AVI's. This is starting to look like a helpdesk, but maybe they are NextNature too.

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  • Yes.. i can view the video's in BSplayer, on a PC. It are .avi files.

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  • =A=

    Can anyone see the video's on that website? I am prompted toward Apples Quicktime to download 'additional software', but it's kinda vague what 'additional software' is meant... [I have Quicktime 7.1.2 pro installed]

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