All the clothing for your dog companion: Dresses, sweaters, shoes, sportswear, jewellery, etc. Why do people dress up their animal?

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  • I think people dress up their pets to make them look more like humans, or more specifically: to make them look more like themselves. Why do people have more trouble seeing a monkey get killed than seeing a fish have his head chopped off? Because a fish is so remote to the human species in resemblance that you can hardly identify with it, unlike a monkey. Or take rats, mice or squirrels, they always "look so cute" when they use their paws to eat, just like a human. So dressing up pets is the ultimate form of domestication; the pet is no longer a (wild) animal, but a demi-human: it eats out of a bowl, shits on the appropriate spot, someetimes "talks", and now it even wears clothes. Nature becomes culture in extrema. david.

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