pig wings

The development of new biological technologies make us wonder if pigs could fly one day. The Pig Wings project presents the first use of living pig tissue to construct and grow winged shape Semi-Living Objects


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  • why is there a need to change an animal-or anything for that thought. just leave pigs to be pigs and birds to be birds etc. in todays society we are constantly searching to improve or simply change something.why cant we just leave things be the way they were made or born,.nothing is ever good enough anymore. although i do like the concept of this project in some ways, i do not agree in the actual change of an animal.i do love it as an art project and rate it for its originality. the end.

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  • i have a very special request... i love the project, and would like you to contact me on my e-mail in privet to hand you some things that might be of interest to you.

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  • Domesticated or farmed pigs have nowhere to go except to the oposite side of the pen. If they needed to migtare or see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre they would have wings by now. End of issue.

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