Nice example of blob architecture meets skyscraper. Looks like it could grow!


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  • A highrise with curves? This building reminds me of plot construction. Which intails the process of filling a mould of the level of a building with material (say concrete). Once the level drys the process is repeated. Mostly a technical story. However as in my "Orangina project", bottum-up design when considering scientific systems is another flock of sheep altogether:) The question is reversed. It's no longer "how do we construct a material to build. Instead, how do we build a material to construct. If we were to redifine this concept as above suggested I think a horizontal hierarchy would exist and market clusters would be a thing of the past.

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  • I'd like to see Debbie Mollenhagen develop her ideas about growing pods for living, would be a nice version of her Orangina project.

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  • they'll look like the buildings that allready look like flowers? Or like buildings like we know them now? Plants are more and more build, so we could also say that there will be no difference between buildings and plants. Just made for another purpose...

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  • I think in the future all buildings will look like plants... ...and all the plants will look like buildings.

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