3D space vest

Let us pretend you are a soldier and you are being sent to war. One of the first questions that should pop into mind: how will you prevent yourself from getting shot? Armor that body! Wear heavy boots, a helmet and don't forget to put on your bulletproof vest to win that fight!

Now picture yourself, wearing all that stuff, sitting on the couch, fighting your opponents in some world of warcraft. No chance this could happen to you? Don't be so sure...

"Unlike traditional force feedback devices that rumble or buzz, the 3rdSpace Vest gives you precise impact where it happens, as it happens. Get pounded with body slams, crushed with G-forces, and blasted with bullet fire."

Now isn't that the kind of interaction you've always desired to experience with your computer? The vests come in three flavours: camo, strawberry and black. Good luck on your couch-quest!


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  • Speaking of tele-presence... Quite a product! I wonder if the soldiers who remotely operate the MQ-9 Reapers flying over Afghanistan from behind computers in Nevada, would wear these.

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