By putting this cockroach in control over a mobile robot, our perception of the animal is changed. Technology empowers the little creature you would normally squash under your shoes. It becomes something else, somethig bigger and more advanced. Yet the technology of this robot might be no more advanced than the stuff this animal is made of. The whole thing feels as evolution: from the day that fish came on land and men started to walk on two legs, to the day that cockroaches started driving wheelchairs. What do you think?

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  • Wicked.. I've added the link to the related post of augmented animals. This also made me think of some research done by Wim van Eck & Maarten Lamers on Animal Controlled Computer Games: Playing Pac-Man against Real Crickets. A graduate student designs a game of Pacman using live crickets that controls the ghosts in the Pacman maze. By doing this he analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of real-time behavior of live animals in comparison to behavior-generating code in computer games.

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