Henk Rozema displaying his invention (2006), the digital tombstone "Digizerk". It was only a question of time that global digitalization would be introduced on cemeteries. The digital contents can be viewed only by relatives who own a remote-control device. The newest model runs on solar power. Presenting slideshows of the most important moments of the deceased are perhaps as dull as one could expect from a "new medium" like this. Here's an idea for Henk Rozema to work on: I think (correct me if I'm wrong) it was in the Fox-movie "I Robot" that - through a StarWars-like-beam-device - actor Will Smith communicates with a holographic projection of the US Robotics-leading scientist (James Cromwell) who just fell from the companies building and died. The device contains some clues and answers on his death, provided and triggered by asking the right questions.

What if in future, people would record and save their ideas and answers to questions in their tombs for the generations to come. Cemetery = library knowledge-base! Bas Groenendaal has done something similar with his project: "Release".

Digizerk.eu | digizerken.nl | video (dutch) | Related posts: Vin memoriam | Pencils made of cremated humans | Human DNA in trees

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  • I lost my son Kyle 2 1/2 years ago and soon after started putting laminated photos of him on a tree at his gravesite. This idea came to my mind of digital photo frame in the headstone or even beside an exisiting headstone. I was checking the web and came across this site. I am very interested in this. I am also very interested in marketing this in the USA. Please let me know if Digital Thombstone is available at this time.

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    I've read another (dutch) article on this "Digizerk" stating that a mobile phone can be used to trigger the tomb's presentation. Kind of funny that you can still call your beloved after they passed away ;) Made me think of the following <em>memento-mori</em> scenario: "Hello mum, I am here, came to see how you are doing..." "Hi sun, still quite dead, but nice of you to pay me a visit. Please enter your personal 4-digid code" – beep beep beep beep – "The code you entered is correct, please take out your monthly inheritance money. Would you like a receipt?" :D

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