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Peculiar image of the week: Do it Yourself rocket? Tourist Terrorist?

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  • ?????? wat the heck is this

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  • > Maybe our flirting with destruction? yeah, maybe thats what makes this image so interesting for me.. Just strange to see this pleasantly unrealistic happy guy inside the apocalyptic landscape.

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  • Hmm. I've heard you before about this one. I can see what you mean, but it still leaves me thhinking… It's almost apocalyptic in a way. Man after a nuclear holocaust, with only more bombs left. Maybe our flirting with destruction?

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  • Can someone please explain why this is image is so nextnature? I didn't know how to tag it, but somehow this image hits it. Maybe because it just has it all: the rocket, the belly, the videocamera, the dessert and the bandage...

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