This must be the best worst software concept I've seen this year.. An email mailbox represented as a 3D, virtual LAX airport. in this world's coolest email program, based on the origin or destination of the email, each message is depicted by any of over 80 world airlines (e.g. for UK, it comes by Virgin or British Airways). emails with attachments are carried by the couriers: FedEx, UPS, DHL, and CargoLux. in addition to the pilot chatter & roaring engine noises, the 3D world depicts has both day & night scenes.

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  • =A=

    Looks like someone has either too much spare time and great sense of humor... :( or too much money

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  • lmjabreu ahahah

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  • Could be worse, they could force you to land the email. And how is spam treated? Stinger missiles? AA Guns? Denied permission to land until they run out of fuel and crash?

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