Can you taste the difference? the real coke generation

You can't beat the real thing, but then again, some generations seem to prefer the other choice. Competition between cola brands goes back a long time. Over the years, the two contenders have used different slogans and strategies to sell their products. It's fascinating to see the development over time:

For Headache and Exhaustion, Drink Coca-Cola. (Coke, 1900)

The Original Pure Food Drink. (Pepsi, 1906)

Real Satisfaction in Every Glass. (Coke, 1911)

Be Sociable. (Pepsi, 1958)

Be Really Refreshed. (Coke, 1959)

Take the Pepsi Challenge. (Pepsi, 1979)

America's Real Choice. (Coke, 1985)

The Choice of a New Generation. (Pepsi, 1984)

Can't Beat the Real Thing. (Coke, 1989)

GeneratioNext (Pepsi, 1997)

Make it Real. (Coke, 2005)

Taste the One That's Forever Young. (Pepsi, 2007)

In this case more than any other, the question of which is the real thing remains a matter of taste. But who cares nowadays? With all the calorie-free light products on the market, nobody drinks real cola anymore.

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