Is that coffee you're drinking?

Creating the perfect cup of espresso used to be an art form in itself. The beans had to be ground to exactly the right coarseness and the water pressure precisely controlled to obtain a delicious espresso with an impeccably formed layer of crema. But with the Senseo coffee machine, depicted at left, it all seems so easy: put in a coffee pod and press the button and out comes a beautiful cup of mud... well, let's just say some things are a matter of taste. The machine depicted at right is a modern retro-style espresso machine that works with both pods and ground coffee.

From our Fake for Real series.

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  • It's mud katina. No discussion about it (at least if you are talking about the machine on the left.. hmm, you must be speaking about the one on the right)

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  • I own this machine as well, and I don't use the pods. It doesn't require them if you get the proper attachments (available at a certain walton establishment) Personally, I don't find that the pods taste like mud, but I do certainly prefer the actual coffee to the pods.

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  • =A=

    Though I agree with you Koert, taste is and remains a personal matter. Yesterday I saw a program in which a cook /biochemist created egg-truffle ice cream. Tasting the stuff made the interviewer laugh. The chef explained that laughing is a reflex of the brain that is not able to cope with that kind of taste. The other way round is also possible: I am trying to say that some types of 'mud' really can taste the way your brain wants them to.

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  • "works really well too".. what does that mean Shukaidox? Coffee comes out? Did you taste the coffee? I did... mud! I think this coffeemachine is the living proof that we are living in a visual culture. What comes out looks like a fine cup of coffee but once you taste it... mud!

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  • I own the coffee machine on the left except mine is black, got it last year for Christmas. Works really well too.

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