With this cooking timer gadget, you can explain information decoration to anyone. In addition to its default explicit digital time display, it has a modus in which the passing of time can be displayed implicitly with the number of blocks piled at the bottom. Making it more like a sandglass (with that natural analog feeling). Yes, it would have been even better if the decorative function was integrated in the stove.

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  • The future is analog!

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  • Jim

    I like it. sort of like a sunrise for cooking

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  • Of course it would have been an even better example of infodeco if the gadget was integrated in the architecture of the kitchen... but i understand this is difficult, being a gadget and all..

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  • =A=

    Nice! Reminds me of my graduation project (2001) in which I presented a watch that uses a flash loading bar: 24 hours being 100%

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