Erich Berger has a 96 year old grandmother who is a cyborg. She features dentures, hearing aids, glasses, pace maker, a metal implant on the pinkie toe, and more. Quotes from the interview:

"Some would say that you are a cyborg, because you carry so much technology inside of you that you even need to live. Cyborg is a term that describes a life form that is partial human, partial something technology." --- "But I am still human. I have some technology but a lot of it I don't see and I don't pay so much attention to it. It's more what it does for me that is important for me. I only have these things because my body was not working well. They help me."

"If you knew today that you would have another 50 years to live, would you want to know how to use a computer?" --- "What for? I don't know what it does? I am a tailor and I like to play music and do the garden. And that is what I would do the next fifty years .. and maybe when my grandchildren have children themselves, I would baby-sit them. Kids are wonderful!"

Born from a mother every human being can call him/herself "human" in the first place. But that's only 50% of the chicken/egg story. When an interference takes place and/or technology enters the body, a percentage - helping the human continuing his/her life - is taken over by the dark side "wha-ha-hahh". Able to mate, the human/cyborg will likely reproduce a 100% human being. The technology at this point being reduced to tools or add-ons, enhancing the quality of life and as a side-effect the quantity. There will be no roof: a human being can become 300 years upto a 1000 before voluntarily getting recycled out of boredom.

It starts to get interesting when over 50% of the human body is taken over - or 95% so-you-will, leaving only the genital organs intact. Cyborgs (or do we call it machines?) could be developped that serve one purpose only: preserve the human being we know today from extinction in the couple of thousand years to come. For the first 50 years these cyborgs can be nannied by Erich Bergers grandmother (she likes kids so much), but who volunteers for 2060?

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