The VIBE - emotional sensing necklace combines conductive ink and textile sensors. The necklace can read multiple biometric signals of the wearer and communicates them to other devices and other wearers.

Will this technology enable us to sense emotions better than we would without it?

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  • Philips has been doing projects with lighting and colors, so it is not a surprising side track that can experiment with. But, it is very interesting that the future phone could have this type of function. It contradicts with what human communication is for and the mass marketability. There are emotions or feelings that people want to express: pride, powerful, happy, and people want to hide: depressed, anger, etc. It is not just about being honest or not, and achieving the level of sophistication of the software to sense all that variety is not even worth the money.

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  • I am looking for sensors like this for a project I am working on, where can I get my hands on one? (The project is top secret I’m afraid) Interesting what ‘A’ says but I don’t understand why. Do you lie often, are you afraid of others being aware of your true emotions?

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  • =A=

    What if this is what future mobile phones look like... Necklaces containing biometric sensors, telling others where you are and how you are feeling or whether you are telling the truth or not. -- Scary -- No company is putting me on a leash!

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