Where there is light, there is life. When you switch on the lamp, it provides you with light. You provide it with the generating power it needs togrow.

Similar to living organisms, this lamp contains all the essential "mechanisms" that will enable it to develop. All it needs is energy and it starts creating its own lampshade. It knits it slowly around the lamp, pausing only when the light is off. Its growth places it beyond the bare utilitarian necessity of artificial light. The lamp becomes an animate part of space, an existence in its own right.

Designed by Nadine Sterk - atelier nl

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  • Hi... I am inspired by your creation! It is in many way a compliment to life and living systems and inviroments in progress. - A rare beaty! What are your view on the inclusion of the end part of life in your project? Here I think mostly of organic deconstruction as decay and as in death and the end of the circle of life. ...Will your lamp also develop a habit of destroying its shade, so to speak? I have been working on projects that dwels on that pespective only. Lamps that will selfdestroy in an unforseen future, decaying shades and alike. Peace Sune

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  • Wicked!

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