sneak preview food

Lets face it: we spoiled western people are pretty much imprisoned by our self created safe environments and remotely disconnected from the wonders and chaotic surprises of old nature that at some times may knock us down, but can also astonish us and give pleasure. Nowadays, the sugar can be found in a fixed shelf at the supermarket... and we know where that is. Ready made meals are packaged under a controlled atmosphere with controlled taste, carefully adjusted to the user group and tasty visualized on the packaging. What you see is what you taste.

Thank heavens, now that there is Sneak Preview Food! Instead of eating the same pre-cooked ready-to-eat meals every day, you will experience real taste. By offering new products in anonymous packaging, people are forced to take chances and trust their their own senses again.

Created by Christiaan Haverslag, Jennifer Parker, Pim Siahaya en Wilco Prinsen, University of Twenty in cooperation with D'Andrea & Evers Design.

Seen at Design United. See also: Image consumption | FishBowl | Food forThought | Engineered meat | 200 Calories | Featherless Chicken

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