Conceptually the square box and the interior spaces are carved out of an undefined cluster of foam bubbles, symbolizing a condition of nature that is transformed into a condition of culture.

This sentence is taken from the Watercube design-concept by Chris Bosse

Isn't The National Aquatics Centre in Beijing is a good example of Designing for Next Nature? Designing towards the Next Nature is perhaps more appropriate... For in times where complex computer calculations make it possible to build any structure or shape, it is only logical that architects start off by imitating the old nature. In the background you find the unfinished construction of the Olympic stadion by Herzog & De Meuron, known as The Birds Nest.

birdsnest birdview

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  • Swimming in H2O molecules! We must be living in the future! Still, I have some mixed feelings about all these bio-inspired architectures.. They are quite fashionable, but will probably look fairly outdated soon. This blowing up of invisible miniature structures is a bit like the pop-art of our time. Work instantly, but in the end it doesn't make much sense. Its just like plastic flowers, which mimic only the aesthetics of flowers. Same principle, but on a bigger scale. I For me It wouldn't go as a good example of 'designing for nextnature' . Nevertheless a gorgeous architectural design. Plain and simple.

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