Sometimes I have a hard time choosing between going out and staying home watching TV or my computerscreen. The great fashiondesigner Hussein Chalayan made these choices a lot easier with this dress that has a screen woven into the fabric. Video after the clickertheclick.

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  • Would be nice in dark red color.

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  • also check this movie of light emitting shirts by philips http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd99gyE4jCk

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  • Screen VIRUS! Originally they were found only in offices, but nowadays the screen virus has spread to fast-food joints, railway stations, public squares – more or less all public space is filled with them. This is done in the name of information, advertising, art and entertainment. According to Dutch government guidelines, a computer screen worker may spend a maximum of six hours a day working at a monitor. I don’t know to what degree they took into account exposure to garish LED screens on the street when they formulated this rule. Personally, it gives me a nasty feeling when after a long day of knowledge work, on my way home or during a night out, I am once again forced to look at a screen hanging randomly in public space (screens featuring Windows error messages particularly distress me).

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