the matrix power plant

Remember this one? Body heat is used to power machines in The Matrix. Nine years after the first of the trilogy came to screen, a company comes up with a body-powered-battery. In tests, M2E Power has found that two hours of motion (what an average person produces) is enough for 30 minutes to one hour of talk time on a mobile phone.

motion-to-energy batteries

M2E Power has recently raised $8 million of funding for further development. It focuses on two markets: the US army and implementation in mobile consumer devices. The micro generators actually fit inside existing batteries, can double the battery life and can eliminate 30 to 40 percent of toxic heavy metals used in normal batteries - the company claims.

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  • =A=

    With 8 million dollar of funding... the word "Cells" in the headline could have easily been replaced by "Sells" ;)

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  • =A=

    While posting this, I got the feeling that this 'invention' should have been here ages ago. I remember a friend of mine at primary school; he was wearing a self-winding watch and that was back in 1985! There must be over a zillion that work through this principle. Why does it have to be 2009 that a company brings this battery to market?

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