waterworld 1

Atkin's Architecture Group recently won the first prize award for an international design competition with this hyperreal entry. Set in a spectacular water filled quarry in Songjiang, China, the 400 bed resort hotel is uniquely constructed within the 'natural' elements of the quarry.

The lowest level runs with the aquatic theme by housing a luxurious swimming pool and an extreme sports center for 'natural' leisure activities such as rock climbing and bungee jumping which will be cantilevered over the quarry and accessed by special lifts from the water. A fine example of an ultra modern facility co-existing amongst its environment. No wonder this carefully constructed fake nature experience took the first prize?

via Coolhunter.

waterworld 1

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  • terrible design. another waterworld is not what we need

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  • =A=

    Hey, is that Mickey Mouse's car just arriving?

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