Integrating nature in our technology. There are four different laptops: Floral Blossom (pink), which has a tropical, flowery scent; Musky Black (black), which incorporates a waft of cologne; Morning Dew (green), which smells clean and grassy, and Aqua Ocean (blue), which has an invigorating aquatic scent.

By placing the picture on this blog, the actual concept can’t even be fully grasped. For that you would need something like the concept itself: a laptop through which you could smell these laptops.

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  • What if my girlfriend finds out I smell more like the laptop, then I smell like her?

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  • A city kid, who's daddy owns an Asus Aqua Ocean laptop, one day goes on a holiday with her parents to a sunny beach resort. As they walk along the beach she says: "Daddy! the sea smells like your laptop computer!" :-(

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