Who would not need a bananawall in their officegarden? This modular freestanding, indoor/outdoor bananawall system was designed by Stefan Sagmeister. It is made of 7200 banana's. Quite an original way of re-using consumer products as design materials.


The bananas you see here are real and they smell like 7200 banana's too. Part of Stefan Sagmeister's exhibition 'Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far' @ Deitch in NYC.

Via Makezine. See also: Blobwall.

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  • wow is this real bananas or plastic...?

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  • =A= by

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  • Maaan that's going to attract a lot of fruit flies. Also: Will smell AMAZING in a week.

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  • This is amazing. All walls should be made from bananas.

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  • 're-use?' those bananas look un-peeled to me. banana.

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  • The exhibition at Deitch closes today, so that might be your change to get some free black banana's

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