nextnature laptop

nextnature laptop

These photo's were send to us by reader Gordon Cohen, who decided he liked the corporate animal backdrop so much that he and his girlfriend had it laser etched on their laptops. Next should we anticipate snapshots of tattooed bellies in our mailboxes? Lets hope not fans.

Get your devices engraved at Device Nine Six. See also: Animal Sweater, Wood of Logo's.

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  • =A= ooh, that's so mesmerizing... It's a good thing the iPhon doesn't support Flash or I'd be watching this all day. I keep hearing the little STRP theme in my head. About the tattoo though, all you need is a party with lots of cocktails other alcoholic beverages near a laser engraver. Just load in the file, lie down on the machine and make shure not to crank up the power too much...

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  • =A=

    That's awsome! 8) Quick, pick a!

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