In 2000 on a Japanese auction site, 20 real live Pokemon Pikachus were offered for 925 million dollars.

Roughly translated:

We capture each one after your order, so we guarantee its health! These are Pikachus plucked straight from the natural Pikachu forest, so they're of much higher quality than ones you'd get from a breeder or in other regions. Great for those who are lacking in good conversations with family, who want solace if living alone, who need a new hobby, who love cute and trendy things, or who are looking for a present for a girlfriend or a child. Limited edition! Limited to only 20! First come first serve! We'll include a 60-minute video on how to raise a Pikachu if you buy 3 months worth of Pokemon food. Source:

I hope the bastards had real special powers to free themselves.

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