flying penguins

Last week, the BBC reported a colony of penguins that had gained the ability to fly (video). The penguins were reported to fly thousands of miles and spend the winter in the tropical rain forest. It turned out, the incredible evolutionary leap was an April fools day joke by the BBC and soon after the video of the special effect team was released.


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  • Hahaa! This making-of was great :) Old post I guess but I just found it... guess what I searched for hehe

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  • I don't think so JR, only in BBC studios.

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  • JR

    I just have to ask. . .do some penguins live in tropical climates and forests?

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  • CJ

    I admit, they got me with those pictures. I took a look and went, "What the f***!?" Well played, BBC. Well played.

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  • I'm a wildlife biologist, so I took one look at those pictures and said, "Holy crap!!" I took a second look and thought, this has to be an April Fools joke.. but the date on your post threw me off. Thankfully, on the third look, I actually read the text. Phew! :P

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  • All hail Terry Jones!

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  • =A=

    Hands together for the BBC! Next year: Genetically altered flamingo egg contains dodo bird ;)

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