gameboy bricks

A million years from now that hand would probably look more evolved, but the idea is nice: What if we would mold objects of the now into stone or bricks to preserve them over time and have future archeologists wonder how the technology was used? "Brick Boys" last for eternity!

gameboy bricks 2

Gijs Gieskes (The Netherlands) created them in 2006; has put them in his back yard to let nature take over until the next stoneage. He is also spreading them over the world (for €20,- a piece) so the chance of survival will increase.

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  • Nu use in turning plastic toys into stone to make them 'last longer' for eternity, since plastics will be here in a million years while in the meantime the stones will be gone long time....

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  • I Dont Even Think there will be a futur the way were goin with global warming... gd idea tho

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  • Sweet. I wonder what future generations who find these bricks would make out of it. Would they be able to derive what the buttons are for? They might not even understand the concept of buttons anymore. - My guess is future generations would probably think these gameboy bricks were casted as magical objects used in personal rituals.

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