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Peculiar image of the week. Source: Worth 1000, via Trendbeheer.

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  • In the past, artists where the only ones who provided mankind with representations of themselves. The artist's vision was leading. In our current times, our representations become increasingly transformed through the technology we use, resulting in some kind of photoshop aesthetics, annihilating the strange and the weird. That would be my guess.

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  • You are right Arnoud.. this post is surely on the border of our research topic and I also was a bit reluctant to post it here. I’ve added some 'see also' posts to give it a bit more context. - For me these images exemplify our human longing to polish, to enhance, to design. In the past people thought this cultivation process could bring us utopia, a perfect world.. Next nature is all about the realization that this isn’t the case at all and that our battle with nature is endless. ‘Maakbaarheid’ is never finished. The set of images visualize the drawback of the polishing process so clearly. That’s why I liked them so much… are you following? Honestly I haven’t quite get my head around their exact meaning yet, thats why I did not publish this vague explanation along with the post.

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  • =A=

    I understand the parody, but how does it exemplify the concept of next nature?

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