Starting next spring, a complete human-genome sequence can be ordered the Californian startup Complete Genomics for just $5,000, Techreview reports.

Currently sequencing still costs about $100,000. The price drop is expected to allow pharmaceutical companies to make genome sequencing a routine part of clinical drug testing. A $5,000 genome would open up new possibilities in creating personalized medicine.

As prices are expected to drop further over the next decade, we foresee non-clinical applications will emerge as well. How about a human-genome sequence chip on your cellphone? Should be handy to check if your pick up at the party is also a suitable marriage-partner (you can just filter the father/mother or your kids right just out!?). Calculate your chances regarding that horrible disease in your family. Or determine whether that friend-of-a-friend should be accepted to your genetic-social-network. Playing doctor at the kindergarten will not be quite what it used to be.

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