Fifteen policemen rushed to the scene, after a couple reported to have bumped into a "corpse" while out walking their dog in a mountain forest in Izu, central Japan.

The officers discovered a human form wrapped in plastic and tightly bound around the neck, midriff and ankles, with hair protruding from one end. The body was left untouched and taken away for examination, and the crime scene duly secured by a police cordon.

By mid-afternoon, the body was in the hands of police pathologists. But when they sliced open the wrapping, they were confronted not by a decomposing corpse, but by a life-sized sex doll.

Two weeks earlier a 60-year-old unemployed resident of Izu (Shizuoka prefecture) had wrapped his 1.7-meter tall, 50-kilogram silicone girlfriend in a sleeping bag, drove to a remote wooded area, and dumped her. A nice, clean break-up, he thought.

According to investigators, the man had lived with the sophisticated doll for several years after his wife passed away, but decided to part with her after making plans to move in with one of his children. “It seems he grew attached to the doll over the years,” said the chief investigator. “He was confused about how to get rid of her. He thought it would be cruel to cut her up into pieces and throw her out with the trash, so he proceeded to dump her illegally.”The man, who regrets his lifelike doll was mistaken for a corpse, now faces fines for violating Japan’s Waste Management Law.


Via PinkTentacle. Via: ZAKZAK, Yomiuri. Thanks Risto.

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  • I'm interesting the product of sex lady dolls . Send me your products photos and prize list to me !

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  • wowwwwwwwwwwww

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  • I felt the same Nanashi-Sensei. Breaking up can be a hard thing to do, even when your girlfriend is a surrogate.

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  • Normally I would laugh at a situation like this, but the last paragraph makes me feel a bit sorry for him.

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